Reuben Simon

LMFT-intern, QMHP

My Bio

I work with individuals, couples, and families. If you have made the brave choice to come see me, I honor your courage and resilience. My job is to bring compassion and creativity to the process of change, and we will work together to identify those goals. I want to know what you value, how you experience the world, how you exist in your body and how that affects your values and aspirations. 


My training in systemic theory helps me to see how factors like my client’s relationship with their immediate families and communities impact them. My work with individuals, couples, and families also considers biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors and the ways that they interrelate. This helps me understand the context in which challenges arise and to identify resources that can help resolve some of those challenges. Active participation throughout the therapy process is necessary in order to reach therapeutic goals and I encourage my clients to be transparent with me about their experience. In return, I offer honesty and informed responses in order to create a safe, welcoming space for inspiration and collaboration.  


My style draws from Narrative, Structural, Somatic and Existential-Humanistic therapies, and I will often pull from other modalities when appropriate. I believe change can come from a variety of places, so I try to be flexible and patient. I also believe that in the course of living, we have all worn deep grooves in the form of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and physical sensations. There can be aspects of this adaptation that serve a purpose at one time but have since become obstacles. This can be an especially useful point of entry for therapy and my aim is to meet you with an open mind and open heart. 


I believe the therapy room is a sacred space, but that does not mean it must always be solemn. Life is full of humor, absurdity, sadness, excitement, despair, anxiety, fear, complacency, dead ends, and profound insights. As we explore the full range of our humanity, we will indulge the full range of our human experience. I welcome any thought, feeling or behavior you feel safe to bring. 


I am supervised by Sarah Dobey, LPC & ACS.

My Focus

  • couples therapy
  • family therapy

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