Astrid Negron

As a mental health professional my role is to assist you in reaching your goals and encourage you on your journey towards recovery, personal growth, and well being. My aim is to create a safe and supportive environment where you feel heard and accepted. I appreciate unique perspectives and respect the courage it takes to participate in treatment. You will get the most out of counseling if we can collaborate as a team and work towards mutually agreed upon goals.

I aim to consider the whole person and system they exist in employing Motivational Interviewing, Narrative and Solution Focused lenses.  I also utilize my training in Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization to support recovering and healing from trauma.

In order to ensure you a healthy future, counseling will help you look at how past experiences influence your present situation. Counseling can also help you work at recognizing incongruities in your life because we tend to experience pain when there are discrepancies between our values and the way we live.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 7 years of experience providing mental health services to individuals across the lifespan. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Colorado State University and a Master of Arts in Professional Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on addictions from Lewis and Clark College. I have experience addressing a variety of challenges from trauma concerns with Commercially Sexually Exploited Children to crisis situations and addiction concerns in community mental health and school-based settings

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