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Offering Mental Health Care & Whole-Body Wellness to Forest Grove & Surrounding areas.
We are a community-based wellness center that promotes mental health and whole body healing through a trauma-informed lens. We offer mental health care, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, bodywork, community workshops and individualized mental health retreats. Our approach to wellness involves interventions suited to individual needs while fostering collaborative connections within the communities we serve. We are located in Forest Grove and serve communities in Washington County, Yamhill County, Multnomah County, and surrounding areas.
Our Services


Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive gentle approach to the fluid running inside of the cranium through the spine down to the sacrum, which nourishes the brain and the nervous system held inside. This relaxing therapy releases tension, enhances movements and encourages your body to heal itself.


60 Minute – $119

Craniosacral Therapy
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage is a practice that refers to the manipulation of soft tissue. It offers multiple health benefits, including pain and stress relief, relaxation, and mood elevation. When combined with therapy, massage becomes a powerful and safe way to affirm self-care goals, redefine the client’s relationship to touch, and soften somatic responses to past trauma.


60 Minute – $100
90 minute – $130

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Naturopathy is an alternative medicine approach that deals with mental and physical medical conditions without the use of drugs. Allow us to help you explore natural ways to manage your diet, achieve mental calm, and mitigate chronic health conditions.


Intake Assessment: $150
Follow Up: $105

Mental Health

Therapy is a journey that builds upon individual strengths and experiences in the processes of overcoming life’s challenges. The overarching goals are to regain a sense of control and reclaim balance. Psychotherapy services are offered individually as well as in groups. Coupling therapy with acupuncture, massage, and connective opportunities through group participation is encouraged in order to achieve overarching health.

Mental Health Care
Community Classes

Community Classes

Community classes are more than just opportunities for group learning. They are opportunities for sharing ideas, seeing different perspectives, and taking on complex challenges. Bloom’s activities are built around the needs of the community and are intended to contribute to the health of the area by offering a platform to share, explore, and learn together. Group offerings will center on a wide array of interests—including gardening, yoga, arts and crafts, and more.

Community Center
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